Many years in the corporate world and startup ecosystem taught me a clear vision for our future economy. I came to believe that it is not about corporates against startups, legacy systems against disruptive technology or big budgets against lean teams. In the end, it is about combining the best forces of both sides to create mutual benefits and growth. Building and supporting this new ecosystem has become my mission.

The Challenge of Corporate Entrepreneurship

Implementing new methods and solutions in an established company is not an easy task. I know its hard, because I’ve been there. And if you are working at a big organization, you probably know what I’m talking about. To no surprise, change management, has been such a hot topic for a very long time. But I believe that there is no need to turn an old oil-tanker into a speed boat when it comes to corporate entrepreneurship and innovation.

How to engage with Startups

While there are many areas where corporates can only be of limited help for startups, there is one area, where partnerships can change everything and will become increasingly important in the future. The existing markets, channels and customers of corporates combined with their knowledge in distribution at scale can be very helpful for startups. At the same time the innovative technology and agile adoption of startups can create new solutions for the customers of the corporate and ensure future growth and profits.

Building Corporate Entrepreneurship

To build and foster those new connections between startups and corporates, I help companies navigate through the possibilities of engagement, find the right program and execute it by focusing on the following three areas. 


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Combining the best ideas and resources to create new opportunities

Business Development

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Opening existing channels and markets to innovative solutions

Project Management

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Adopting lean methods to minimize risk and improve pace

Through my past experience, I had the opportunity to get deep exposure in all three areas. Today I'm happy to share the latest methods, insights and tools with companies that want to make us of the opportunities our future holds.

Let’s find out how we can work together

Please get in touch, no matter if you want to exchange ideas around corporate entrepreneurship or get a better idea how your organization can improve its startup engagements in the future.

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