Dirk Lehmann

Let me Ask you a question:

What is Holding Back Your next Innovation?


The Challenge

Digitization is changing our world. Startups change our markets and technology our work. Every company needs an innovation process and the skill to tell engaging stories to make change happen. These topics are complex and full of uncertainty. With the right process, experience and tools, you can turn uncertainty into confidence and risks into opportunities.


Building a world for companies and startups where innovation scales and ideas spread through engaging stories.


Make it Happen

Years of work with accelerators, startup programs, corporate innovation departments, mentoring and coaching showed me which innovation programs work. Years on stage and in front of large audiences thought me how to create stories that engage people. Now I'm here to help you make change happen.



How to build an innovation process and create mutual benefits for everyone? Find the right structure to collaborate with startups and leverage technology for the future.


What to do when you got that one shot, that one opportunity to get others to follow you? Turn your idea into a story that matters and succeed on stage with confidence.


"With a strategy tailored around your strengths, I can help you avoid others' failures and use my experience for your wins."


My Journey

Where do you start if you want to make a change? I started at a place with leverage and worked for many years in the corporate world. Over time I realized that real change happens somewhere else. That was when I moved on to work with some of the fastest and best innovators from around the world.

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"Dirk has been absolutely fantastic. He’s been an Associate with us for the last accelerator programe and we have been very lucky to have him."

Jess Williamson - Director of Techstars



Over the past years, I have transformed corporate employees into successful innovators, struggling startups into sustainable companies and reluctant presenters into engaging storytellers. All with the goal to create more successful innovation for our future.




From corporate innovation programs to accelerators and education programs worldwide




Mentoring and coaching of early stage to growth companies from all industries and technology backgrounds




From large global corporations to medium sized companies in many fields of business


Let's talk

No matter at what stage you are in your process, it is always worth it to have a conversation.