No one cares. Yet.

Every idea deserves attention but it has become a scarce resource. We expect others to listen, but fail to be unique and entertaining. As a result, no one cares what we have to say. A Pitch Training with unbiased feedback and a proven process can help you change that. No matter if you work in a startup or in a big company.


Pitch Trainings that help you convince others and succeed on stage.



Together we can change your mindset for going on stage as I did for myself. In my Pitch Trainings, we follow a process that has proven itself with hundreds of innovators from around the world and works for startups and corporate employees alike.



We define the ideal outcome of the pitch and find the content that really helps you achieve it at the end.



We shape a unique story that engages your audience and makes sure your call to action will work at the end.



We practice your posture  on stage and get you into the right mindset and shape for stage time.



I never enjoyed being on stage, but with Dirk's help I was able to get the support I needed for my project"



In a workshop or individual coaching, you can learn how to engage people and achieve the goal of your talk with ease. Whether you want to inspire your employees with a keynote or work in detail on the pitch for your startup, we will create a story that just works.



  • Half or full day workshops starting from 5 participants
  • Curated input on storytelling, frameworks and pitching skills
  • Focused on mentoring and peer to peer feedback for pitches

Individual Coaching

  • On-site or remote coaching wrapped around your calendar
  • Theory and feedback tailored to your individual presentation
  • Focused on coaching and designing a specific talk together

COmpanies & Programs with better Storytellers today


What's your story

No matter where you are with your pitch, I'm always happy to help.