Despite all the various initiatives in corporate entrepreneurship, finding resources and reports on this topic is not an easy task. For this reason, I started this website to provide you all the existing information in one place for an easier overview.

Just get in touch if you want to find out more about the insights or want to apply any of the suggested methods.

Corporate Entrepreneurship Reports

Winning Together Cover

Nesta Guide to successful corporate startup collaboration. A very good introduction to the topic and the different ways of engagement.


Scaling Together Cover

Nesta Guide to overcoming barriers in corporate startup collaboration. Shows the problems companies face and how to possibly avoid them.


KPMG Study Cover

KPMG Report with recommendations and perspectives for corporate startup collaborations in a selected number of industries.


#500Corporations Cover

Overview of initiatives in corporate startup engagement among the 500 biggest public companies worldwide with examples.


Collaborative Entrepreneurship Cover

Report about the state of corporate startup engagement in the MENA region with perspectives from corporates and startups alike.


Corporate Toolkit Cover

Guide for corporations in the MENA region to build and accelerate startup engagement programs with various tools to facilitate the start.