After working very closely with a broad range of startups in several accelerators and other support programs, as a mentor, coach or adviser, I believe one of the most important values of the ecosystem is giving first and supporting entrepreneurs along their journey wherever possible. Here are some areas where I could be of help for you.

the right accelerator or startup program

Countless startup programs have developed over the last years, which is a great benefit for the ecosystem, but makes the choice of the right program a bit harder for founders. During the last three years, I have gotten to know many programs and what you want to look for when you make your choice. If you want to take your startup to the next level, I can help you identify the perfect program that lives up to its expectations and provides the right benefits for you.

Connect with corporates for business

More and more companies want to work together with startups and an increasing number of corporate startup engagement programs have been put in place. Through my corporate network and overview of the entire industry, I can help you connect your company with corporates for sales, co-development or innovation programs. The right partnership and deal can always be a great benefit for your startup.

Business support from a Mentor & coach

During my support of various accelerator programs and on an individual basis, I have closely supported dozens of startups in the following areas and I’m happy to do the same for you:

Business Models

Business Model IconB

Ideation and validation of business models

Business Development

Business Development Icon

Building growth with strategies and tools

Presentation coaching

Presentation Icon

Developing an outstanding startup pitch and delivery

On top of my experience, I also have a broad range of other mentors, coaches and advisers in my personal network, that I'm happy to refer to you to create the perfect fit and value.

Let me know how I can help you today

Just get in touch, no matter if you just want to exchange ideas around startup topics or need specific support to make the next move with your company - I’m always here to help.

Accelerators and startup programs in my network

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