We need you to lift more Water

We need you to lift more Water

You can probably lift a bottle of water today. If you practice a bit you will lift a case with ease. Eventually, you will lift two, then three and maybe one day, even an entire barrel.

There is no magic trick to lifting heavy. Everybody starts light and gets better over time. What sets apart the pros is that they seek every chance they get to practice a bit more.

The same applies to coaching other people.

You know already how to help someone with generous advice and questions just as you know how to lift up a bottle of water.

You may not see yourself as a coach, but you are one. There is no difference between being a coach and seeing yourself as one. The results are the same and so is your posture.

Every weightlifter starts light. You can begin with conversations that feel light already to get more practice and better over time.

A bit of practice every day won’t take much effort. After a year you’ll realize that you can handle many heavy situations with ease and success.

But if you only try to act as a coach when a situation gets heavy, chances are everyone involved will get hurt.

Seek out light opportunities to practice every day.

Direct your colleague to a new resource that gives him a fresh perspective. Ask your friend why they are not feeling well when you can see it anyway in their face. Listen to your family members without judgment and interruption first before giving advice to show them that you are there for them.

Nothing of that requires a professional weightlifter. Just someone who cares enough to practice lifting light bottles every day.

We all need you to start lifting. No matter how little. No matter how often. 

Merely start. Ideally today.