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Every idea needs attention, but it has become a scarce resource. We want others to listen, but fail to be unique. You can change that with just one training and the right feedback from people who care.



The Pitch Training

For Corporate executives and startup founders alike

The Pitch Training with honest feedback and a proven process helps you connect with your audience and create more impact on stage. All focused on your presentation and audience.


Honest feedback with no BS

It is hard to get an unbiased feedback for your presentation. Here you will get actionable tips that you can use to improve right away.

Frameworks & Templates

Every pitch and audience is different. With the right frameworks, you can customize your next pitch better and faster than ever.

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The best pitch is already within you!


How it Works

We don't start with slides but with a story that works

During The Pitch Training you will experience that a great presentation can be created in just one day. Learn a process that saves you time - every time.


1. Define the Content

From all the facts and figures you have we select what needs to go into your story and what you can leave out.


2. Create & Test The story

With templates for storytelling, we create a first draft and test it with the right people for improvement.

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3. design The slides

Once the story works we design slides with modern tools to support your key messages with top visuals.


"You should tell your story, not your slides!"


Results you will get

you will deliver a pitch that you can proud of

After The Pitch Training you will realize that you create more impact on stage than you believe. By being yourself, with a clear message and the right tools at hand.


A pitch and story with impact

Use your time effectively to make your point


beautiful and simple visuals

Leverage the power of slide designs that support you


Confidence on any stage

Build a strong connection to your audience right away



What others say

The pitch training has changed many stories already

Hundreds of founders, executives and students have improved their presentations through The Pitch Training already and some of them even left a little note about their experience.


The Pitch Training



Pitch Workshop

Workshops for up to 15 speakers that take pitches to a new level with input and regular working sessions.

  • Introduction to the most important frameworks, storytelling and tipps for presenting with impact

  • Includes regular working and pitch sessions with individual feedback to create a first result

  • For employees and founders who want to learn better pitching

  • Half-day or full-day workshops available


Pitch Coaching

Individual coaching with up to 2 speakers on specific presentations to turn them into the best shape possible.

  • Learn the selected frameworks and tools that are relevant for your pitch and audience

  • Hands on support for your pitch including development of the storyline and slides

  • For executives and founders that want to excel with a specific pitch

  • Scheduled around your calendar and capacity


about your coach

Corporate & Startup Experience for better presentations

A lifetime on stages for corporates, startups and trainings with storytelling and impact created a pool of knowledge and experience that you can now leverage for your pitch as well.


Spreading ideas through engaging stories

Dirk Lehmann was born in a country that doesn’t exist anymore. That thought him early on the change that visionary stories are capable off. After 10 years with global corporations and over 5 years in the innovation ecosystem, he now shares his experience with founders and executives alike. All combined with a lot of humor and dedication for every story.

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