It's Hard

Innovation programs within established companies are hard to built. The outcomes are uncertain and the expectations very high. Working with startups is important to remain competitive but also very complex. With the right support, guidance and purpose you can get the results you need.


Knowledge and experience for programs that work and get the results you seek.



After having contributed to over a dozen innovation programs, I have seen the pitfalls and the tools that work. You know where you want to go and I know how you can get there. Success in innovation does not come over night, so it is better to start with a structured process today to have results tomorrow.



Based on your goals and my insights into the future trends of technology, we identify the challenges and purpose of your innovation program.



Out of the broad range of collaboration models like accelerators or sponsoring, we select the best tools and turn them into pilots for fast results.



Once we found the best model, we will execute the program together until you have a process that works and achieved the goals we defined.


"With his clear approach and dedication, Dirk helped us build a program that was a success for everyone involved."



Whether you need knowledge backed by experience or hands on support to create an innovation program, we will make it work. From a first brainstorming to executing a program at scale, you can rely on a solid process and fun along the way.


Innovation Programs

  • Create programs that get the impact you want to have
  • Including support for accelerators, events, coworking, sponsoring and partnership models with startups
  • Based on established collaboration concepts

Innovation Programs

  • Build innovation at scale with partners across the globe
  • For collaboration between companies and startups for co-development or scouting and procurment of solutions
  • Based on modern online collaboration tools

Past innovators include


It's your turn

An idea is enough to start working together.