You are an incredible Presenter and Speaker. Yes, You!

You are an incredible Presenter and Speaker. Yes, You!

When you read that line, your mind probably came up with a different story. The story you have told yourself for a very long time.

„Me? No, I’m not a good presenter. There are others that are naturally gifted, but I’m not. Presentations are not for me.“ 

If that was your thought, this post is for you. Because of that thought, so often, you didn’t raise your hand when you had the chance to take the stage and make a change. 

So often, that posture kept you from giving

  1. that important sales pitch for your company
  2. that needed pep talk for your demotivated colleagues
  3. that startup pitch for your idea you care about so much.

Instead, so often, you let the chance pass by or hoped that someone else will take the stage. Only to look with a bit of envy at their performance and success when they did it.

Because we are all bad at giving presentations, none of us are.

Once we acknowledge that, we can start changing our posture around presenting. Instead of using another excuse to avoid the next stage you should ask yourself a simple question.

What are you really afraid of when you go on stage?

That you will forget your script and get rotten eggs in your face? That everyone will doom you forever if you stumble for a second?

You already know that these scenarios are not true. At least I haven’t seen any presentation involving flying eggs so far and getting doomed is harder than you think.

But if you keep digging deeper, you may discover something else.

  1. That you are scared to miss the expectations of the audience, although all of them are only made up by you.
  2. That you are uncomfortable making a point because if it is right you have to take responsibility for it.
  3. That you are afraid that it might work. That you might be a great speaker and will have to do it again and again.

What all these reasons have in common is that they are merely stories. Stories that you tell yourself about presenting and public speaking. Stories that you can rewrite anytime.

What is the story of possibility and confidence that you can tell yourself instead?

All it takes is a piece of paper and a pen. Start the page with „I’m an incredible presenter and speaker“ and write down all the points why that statement is absolutely true. Rewrite the story you tell yourself about presenting and discover that you had it within you all the time.

If you want to inspire others who read this post, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. It might be your first step on a stage you have been afraid of for so long.

This exercise may take minutes but it can change a lifetime of opportunities. I’ll let you decide if that makes it a good investment.